At our casino guide we are gamblers. We love to bet. And we’ve been around for quite a few years now to know how betting houses and their bonuses work. But we were also newbies. That’s why we know exactly what doubts can arise for those who come to a bookmaker for the first time. And in this section we have summarized the most common, so that you have a guide to go when you need it.

What is the rollover?

The rollover is what is called the release conditions. These conditions vary depending on the betting house, but usually have to do with betting a number of times the amount of the bonus in a specific type of bets, with a specific minimum fee. Almost all bookmakers also put a limit of days to get the rollover.

What are the conditions of the bonus?

These also vary depending on the betting house. They refer to what needs to be done to get the bonus. For example, they usually request a minimum income of € 10 or the equivalent in local currency. They also usually indicate the reasons why the bonus can be canceled. The most common is usually to withdraw money from the account before getting to the rollover, although it may also be for having used the bonus in a different way to what is stipulated by the betting house. These conditions vary greatly depending on the betting house.

When can I withdraw the money?

Anytime. Of course, we must bear in mind that in all the welcome bonuses there are conditions, of which we have spoken before. If you withdraw the money before completing the rollover, both the bonus and the winnings will disappear. Of course, the money entered is yours and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

What is the best bonus?

Well, it depends on many factors. Each person is a world and each player decides what they want in a bonus. There are those who prefer very high bonuses, others who want easier release conditions, etc. … Of course, the best bonus is the one that offers a high amount, a percentage of the first high income and simple release conditions.

Is it safe to deposit money in the account of a house in a betting house?

Of course. The first thing a betting house has to do is offer confidence to its players. A betting house that generates doubts will not last long. That’s why they offer 100% secure payment methods. Insurance and acquaintances. If you buy a lot online you must have already seen. And they work the same as in the best online stores. Normally you can deposit money through credit or debit card (where the security of banks is beyond doubt), through an electronic payment service such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill and also through bank transfer. We recommend doing it through PayPal because it is very easy to use, very fast and anonymous, since you do not need to put our card number on the homepage of the betting house.

How much is the minimum to enter?

The minimum is set by each betting house, although to receive the bonus the minimum is usually € 10 or its equivalent in the local currency.

Is it possible to bet without a welcome bonus?

Yes, although in the vast majority of cases this welcome bonus is automatic, we can talk to the customer service so that it is canceled so that we do not have to fulfill a series of conditions to withdraw the money. In addition, in some cases the bookmaker requests a bonus code at the time of registration or first deposit to allow the user to accept the bonus or not. This is what seems most fair to us. The welcome bonus is beneficial for the vast majority of players, but if someone does not want it, they should be free to reject it. The bookmaker will not let me withdraw my winnings, why?


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It may be due to several reasons, but there are two main reasons. The first is that the bonus conditions, the rollover, have not been met. If this is the case, the bookmaker does not allow you to withdraw the bonus or your winnings. In addition, warns that, if we want to withdraw the money entered, will automatically disappear both the bonus they have given us and the possible gains obtained. The second reason why the bookmaker does not let you withdraw your winnings is that you have not completely verified your identity. This process is mandatory, by law, and is normally carried out by attaching an official document such as ID, passport or driver’s license.

Can I bet strong if I want? Are there betting houses for high rollers?

It depends on what you call strong bet. I mean, we know what you mean, to bet a lot of money. But it depends on the quantity. Normally betting houses have a maximum at the time of betting that can not be spent. A maximum that is usually not explicit and that varies greatly depending on the bet itself and the bettor. As they have the right of admission, many bookmakers can prevent betting on players who bet very strongly. There are betting houses that are more flexible than others, of course, but by following subjective terms, this flexibility varies. There are bookmakers for high rollers, but they do not have a Spanish license. That is, you can play in them, but without guarantees as to the legality of our country.

Are there monthly limits for withdrawal of funds?

Normally this depends on the chosen payment method. However, most limits are quite logical and cover 99.99% of bettors. There are also usually weekly or monthly limits to income, although this depends more on the betting house. Of course, many allow flexibility limits adapting to what the player wants. For this you have to contact the betting house and request it.

Through which channels can I contact the betting house?

By law, each and every one of the betting houses must have a customer service. They usually have a Live Chat, which is the fastest and easiest way to contact them. They also usually have a contact email and some even have a telephone number. There are usually no problems and they can see any player how to contact them. In addition, some bookmakers also answer questions through their respective social networks.

Is it necessary to enter a bonus code?


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In most of the cases, no. But as we said before, some casinos do apply for a code if they have several welcome bonuses available or in case they want to leave the player the option of accepting or not accepting that welcome bonus.

Why are there different conditions of liberation?

The sportsbooks play with it. Better release conditions attract more attention and, therefore, attract customers, but neither can they be very easy to overcome because if they do not lose a lot of money. With that they play a lot and that is why they also change over time, hardening them or not according to what they are looking for in each moment. Of course, the conditions of release accepted by the user to obtain the bonus can not change.

Do you have any further questions? If so, you can leave us any question in the comments section below.