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Bitcoin casinos and bookmakers

In Online bitcoin casinos we like to say: Here we have come to play. But the game has to be encouraged, so that we can decide between doing it in bitcoin casinos house or another. And they know that few things more attractive when it comes to seducing a bettor than good bets of welcome: money calls money and this is the best entry into the world of bitcoin casinos.

There are not only welcome bets, usually very attractive (although we will always have to be aware of the terms and conditions to release and enjoy them), but also others to recharge our balance in the online bitcoin casinos house and especially other specials, associated with promotions or special events.

First deposit

It is our initial income, the amount of money that we enter for the first time in our account. It is a first scale used by a number of bitcoin casinos  and gaming operators when calculating the bonuses and promotions offered to new users. Usually there is a minimum amount of income.

Welcome bets bonuses

The poster girl! The welcome bet of online sportsbooks corresponds to the additional amount of money that the Internet Bitcoin casinos house offers us when we check in and make our first deposit (usually). But to enjoy this extra we must “release” the bonus, with the rollover.

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In addition to these and some more that can be consulted, we can have traditional forms


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It is not enough that we have covered our first deposit to take the welcome bonus. It is necessary that we comply with a series of conditions marked by the bitcoin casinos page so that we can withdraw the money we are going to win. What are those conditions? They vary depending on the bonus and the operator of the game, usually “hidden” in the section of terms and conditions, something to which you should be more than attentive.

These terms and conditions usually indicate the obligation to make btc bets a number of times followed, make our bets online only to certain types (with minimum fees, excluding combined bets, etc …) or cover a minimum of money to perform them.

At our casino guide.Net we always value very positively those  whose conditions facilitate the release of online bitcoin casinos bonuses.

Then, within the welcome bets, we will find different types, quite similar in their operation between the bitcoin casinos pages. So we will find from bonds delivered directly through a welcome code to others that will offer us a refund of the initial deposit (total or in part) and even some refund: if we do not hit on our first forecast and lose the bet, the  of btc bets return the bonus in the form of a balance for the same value of the aforementioned bet.

We can also find other welcome bonuses when the online bitcoin casinos house has or launches a new platform associated with the main one, usually an application for mobile devices (app), which upon being downloaded for the first time will grant us a new welcome bonus .

To summarize, these would be the steps we should cover to be able to bet safely and consciously:

Choose welcome bonus that interests us: discover the minimum income necessary

Read in detail the terms and conditions: types of bets allowed, number of occasions necessary to place bets (if applicable), deadline to bet, deadline to withdraw funds

Enter welcome code: if necessary

Make our first bet: look for the most attractive odds that meet the terms and conditions. Simple online bets are always simpler and more rewarding, especially when we are novice or casual players

More wood: reload bitcoin casinos bonuses

Did you like the experience of bitcoin casinos? Do you want to earn more? Have you been stung and want to recover your money because next time you will have more luck? Internet bitcoin casinos  have all these possible scenarios in mind and can encourage your activity by offering you new online bitcoin casinos bonuses, subject to depositing more money into your account or making more bets.

Today is a special day: promotions

There are always special occasions to celebrate something, and the gaming operators know it: classic matches, competition finals, anniversaries and ephemeris, reward your activity … Almost any occasion is usually conducive for bookmakers to put into circulation new bonuses Subject to special conditions for a limited period of time in order to maintain our attention.

Btc bets

Undoubtedly, the queens of bets, also for us in Online bitcoin casinos. With football as the cornerstone of them and supported by the globalization of this phenomenon, it is difficult not to find fans of LaLiga, Premiere, Bundesliga, etc … and their teams in all parts of the world. Not to mention international competitions such as the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Copa América, Eurocopa and the World Cup.

Hundreds of millions of fans are watching these competitions, so it is not strange that they are former star players or top-level sports analysts who lend their image to most of these online bitcoin casinos houses, which in turn are often highlighted by their sponsorships to the main teams and competitions.

The play is repeated, with less intensity, with other sports in decreasing scale: basketball (especially the NBA, ACB and Euroleague), tennis, motor sports such as Formula 1 or Moto GP, boxing, handball, rugby, etc … A long list until completing all disciplines likely to interest a fan. Because where there is an amateur in any discipline there is a potential bettor.

In this way it is not strange to find more exotic sports from our point of view such as curling, wrestling or newcomers casinos (video game competitions), called to be an important asset in the future to which we will be very attentive from bitcoin casinos.


They indicate the amount to win at the time of making an online bet, the number by which we multiply our bet, which will be higher or lower depending on the chances of success we have with our forecast, the level of difficulty of the success.

Higher odds will offer us more benefit, but also more risk and chances of losing our bet, while lower odds will be safer but less profitable.

In addition to the welcome bonuses, the bitcoin casinos pages usually also offer improved odds for new players. These are ephemeral, to encourage our first bet, but combined with the bonus can offer us great benefits.

Bitcoin casinos fees can fluctuate, depending on the supply and demand of the gaming market. It adapts to that demand, so that fees can go up and down at any time. Of course, the fluctuation never affects bets already made: once a bet is closed, its quota will remain fixed.

They are a key factor, along with the variety of bets and predictions that we can make: simple, combined, first goalscorer, final score, etc … And one of the most analyzed indexes in our casaino guide.Net to decide which bitcoin casinos  suit you.

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